For today’s blogpost I have chosen a word that many people fear and that word is ‘FAILURE’. I remember this quote which my Literature professor once mentioned in class, She said, ”Failure is one of the ingredients required to make success.” Such a positive outlook on failure really surprised me, as I’m someone who is quite afraid of it.
                 I thought about it long and hard and finally, arrived at the conclusion that what she said did make sense. We are all so bent on being successful because we are afraid of failure, afraid of looking like a complete fool after trying so hard, afraid of being ridiculed and mocked by the people around us (who have no better work than to laugh and comment on the life happenings of others).
                  I guess if it hadn’t been for failure some of the greatest inventions would have still been plans on paper which would have never materialized, great books and their stories would have existed only in the minds of their authors.
                  They say Failure is the stepping stone to success I think it’s because when we fail, we hit rock bottom, there’s nothing left to lose, so we can take a chance and try again, this time more wisely avoiding the mistakes we made earlier.
                    So next time I fail, I’m going to thank the people who throw their bricks of mockery and ridicule at me, and use those bricks, to make a monument which I will be remembered for later. 
Food for thought :



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