Ekam Evelieb

Today, A tiny tot asked me If I believed in magic? Taking into account that this is the Harry potter generation and their fascination with wand yeilding witches and spell muttering wizards is insurmountable, the magnitude of his question hit me hard.

  My answer to his question is in the affirmative. I do believe in magic.As kids we all gave into the fantasies of  ‘The tooth fairy-who left sweet rewards, The garden fairy who made plants grow faster, The elves and gnomes, the invisible Friend : in this world where relationships are fickle and freinds are two faced, he is a friend worth having , not forgetting Santa claus whose gifts were the main reason for our good conduct.

  Being rational and practical has it’s benefits but sometimes the wisest thing to do, is to let go,let the kid within you free.It’s good ,to have a part of you rooted in some imaginary land, because when everything else drives you crazy, that keeps you sane.

    Believing in magic is not a symptom of Schizophrenia, or other mental disorders, it’s more of providing, the kid within you it’s dose of imagination and creativity. Something we lack, and are in dire need of today in this monotonous world. Magic is not necessarily ‘ Abracadabra’ or ‘Expecto Patronum’.It’s more of a feeling, of letting yourself be enthralled by something.

  It’s not difficult to spot magic, it’s all around us. If you take time out, from your busy schedule, you can enjoy : The magic of the setting sun, drenching yourself, in first showers of monsoon. The magic of a mother’s love, in the tiffin she packs for you.The magic of Freedom, in setting a caged animal free. The magic of nature, sitting under a tree on a pleasant day or counting the stars, at night -time. The magic of life, seeing a new born baby or the magic of love, when embraced by a dear one.

 The world out there is full of magic, if you care to look above your I Pad’s, Blackberries and I Pod’s. Life is too short, and too precious to waste buried in our gadgets. Enjoy, the liittle magical moments of life  today, and cherish them as memories for a lifetime. Take some time from your busy agenda and ” Go, Have you Magical Moment.”

Signing off with my favourite sentence from a famous Selena Gomez song,

It’s magic you know, Never believe it’s not so……


P.s: for those who did not understand the title, read it backwards.
Make Believe.


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