MAD or Not.


                      In Literature class, our professor told us about a certain method found in madness. Of course, she was referring to it from the literary point of view but that triggered a thought on how often madness is negatively perceived by us.
                          Out of habit we often call people who behave strangely and don’t work in a normal way ‘MAD.’ At some point of time in our life we all have tried to defy the norms of society through our choices, tried to do something different, tried to go beyond the ordinary. People have ridiculed us and laughed at our faces calling us ‘MAD’ for our radical or maniacal ways.

                          Well the good news is that some of the greatest people on earth: musicians, scientists, artists, painters, explorers etc were all called mad in their time. I think this gave them the impetus to do what they did, because frankly, no one ever keeps expectations from mad people. The Beatles got a chance to create a different kind of music, Columbus insisted on and proved the existence of America, Einstein proved his teachers wrong when they said he was mad and useless. Being termed as mad proved to be a boon for them, so I think being Mad is not necessarily a bad thing.

                        Anyone who lives in their own world is mad. Not just schizophrenics or psychopaths, but also artists, painters, scientists, musicians and day-dreamers. So, if you dream of doing something, of creating something and if people call you mad, guess what, you’re on the route to success. Don’t forget to thank them as they are your greatest supporters.

                        Just as the Mad Hatter tells Alice in Lewis Carroll’s novel when she asks him if she is going mad, and he replies,” I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people in the world are.”
I’m proud to be MAD what about you?



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